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My Story


Zimmaron can best be described as a visionary who is a passionate and dynamic person with the unique ability to uplift and inspire those around him by using his innate intuitive abilities coupled with both his personal life and business experiences.

Over the years, he has helped 1000’s of individuals and entrepreneurs tap into their true power and to discover who they truly are by guiding them to see the world through a lens that empowers anyone to create consistent breakthroughs and profound change in any area of their lives including business.


Raised in Australia as an immigrant, and of eastern-European descent, Zimmaron grew up with a high level of insecurity, fear, and intimidation of the world around him. He could not understand why people would hurt or harm one another, a paradox of the world he perceived around him which alienated him even further.

As he grew into his teens, he suffered from excruciating muscle spasms and migraine headaches, which were followed by multiple surgeries that made it even more difficult to relate to the world around him. Nothing seemed to make sense. His personal trauma later developed into chronic fatigue which was quite debilitating and from which he received no relief from conventional medicine.

It wasn’t until he discovered various alternative healing modalities that he started to live again which helped him overcome his disassociation with the world. This sparked Zimmaron's fascination to understand the human experience, our ability to heal the mind, body, and spirit, and to understand the meaning of life, why we do what we do, and discover the true nature of our existence.


By his early 20’s, Zimmaron had renounced the conventional world, walked away from his cable hauling job, and used his payout to travel the world and pursue his journey of self-discovery.

For over 20 years he lived in and out of ashrams, as a minimalist, while producing spiritual tours, conferences, seminars, and pilgrimages for teachers and authors that he admired taking groups of people to such exotic locations as Egypt, Kenya/Tanzania, India, Israel/Jordan, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.

Early on, Zimmaron met his primary teacher and mentor, and went into intense initiate training that was focused on mastering the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Over the years he found the answers he was looking for practically, through everyday monastic life, which culminated in many profound mystical experiences that revealed the innate potential inside of each human being and the ultimate keys to success and happiness.


Although successful with many of his business endeavors, Zimmaron also volunteered in many prominent positions where he helped businesses and nonprofits with their online marketing, media, and public relations, along with the establishment of offices and centers in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia.

He created business systems and infrastructures which included the maintenance of all computer and communication systems, global event broadcasts, fundraising, training and managing of staff and volunteers, website and product development, along with inspiring and counseling people from all walks of life.

Later he launched many affiliate marketing websites as a way to generate 6-figure businesses fast and to teach people how to do the same. As that business started to take off, and with over 63,700 Udemy students, over multiple courses and programs and under different pen names, he pulled the plug to pivot into his life's passion and to reflect who he truly was.


At 46, just before the pandemic, Zimmaron felt the calling to walk away from his 20 year legacy and to fulfill a need that he saw in the world today where information overload rules, and where an increasing number of individuals and businesses are faced with dwindling results, antiquated tools and techniques, and a lack of right methodology and support necessary to truly overcome the obstacles that they face.

Now after 25 years of training and working with spiritual masters, shaman, coaches, and some of the very best in the world when it comes to biohacking, high performance, mindset, and business marketing strategies that actually work, Zimmaron is finally revealing his secrets to living an optimal life and attaining the pinnacle of human achievement... whatever your goals are, in a systemized and simple way, that empowers individuals to master the self and any obstacle in your way.


By blending Eastern and Western philosophies of science, quantum physics, and human psychology Zimmaron can help people unlock and transcend any fear, blocks, or resistance to living their unrealized potential and knowing what it is that they need to do, every step of the way, while at the same time tapping into who they were born to be and creating permanent lasting change which results in better health, more freedom, and an increase in prosperity and the ability to find success in any all areas of their lives.

Working with Zimmaron is a unique experience, not only because of his unique life-experiences and unconventional approach, but because he understands and can clearly see how any aspect of your life affects all aspects of your life. It all starts by identifying your unique keystone in the dam that will start a chain reaction of rapid results and transformation and ripple into all areas of your life. Are you ready for change?

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Zimmaron has a big heart and an insatiable desire to help others become the masters of their own reality. He knows that in doing so, he can bring to life the visions that he has held deep in his heart for so many years of empowering 10’s of thousands of people and inspiring permanent change at the root of the source. His ultimate passion is to benefit, inspire, and elevate humanity in any way he can.

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